the Change I Wish to See

...and whatever else it takes to find my pants


crisis management

they say hip hop's in crisis...
truth is, that hip hop, was always on the brink of lifeless,
'cause that's what life is...:
a small boat on a rocky sea
no paddles, just a hope to be free

but you can't just live it, gotta skin it
wear it on your arm like ink's embedded in it
showcase your faith as a model for those fakes
who've grown to see street rock as only 'bout their own fate

street rock's a group mentality
say whatever you say
but use your talents to challenge we:
if your ride's fly, don't just tell me that it drives,
tell me it's a chariot that blazes the sky

be creative, words are artillery
get caught in the crossfire, learn, go watch a spelling bee
your life's a page, make the future wanna quote it
be a poet, let history know you wrote it