the Change I Wish to See

...and whatever else it takes to find my pants

I'm standing next to a guy wearing a Blackwater baseball cap.
It wasn't a guy in a three-piece suit, wearing the hat because he was on his way to a board meeting. It was a guy in a polo and khakis reading a newspaper with a Blackwater cap on. An actual display of Blackwater love? Really? An emblem on his sleeve, or a super-imposed logo on the American flag pin on his lapel wouldn't have been enough? He really needed to show his appreciation like a fan?

Anyway, I wonder if he's on his way to Capitol Hill. But I'm on the redline headed west, so maybe he's doing reconnaissance (badly, which would make sense). Maybe my train is a threat to national security because too many people are reading The Onion. Or maybe there have been reports that menacing kids on their way to one of DC's public schools are causing havoc (they can be pretty threatening). Those reports, of course, would be unconfirmed because who has time to fact check?

I'd just blend into the shadows... But that's where all of the metro's creepy underbelly already lies. And standing next to that guy who rubs up against women with his "happy face" on, probably only increases my chances of becoming an "unfortunate incident." So maybe I'll -

Oh. He's gone now.

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Katie said...

I guess his "I heart water boarding" t-shirt was in the wash....