the Change I Wish to See

...and whatever else it takes to find my pants

It's in the way Anderson Cooper says "There we go" (at the :10 mark).

It's this kind of outward excitement...

... coupled with this kind of intensity...

... tempered by the remnants of an internal appeal to this kind of "Network" integrity


And it's probably why the heir apparent to Wolf Blitzer's reign over the nothing if not humble "Best Political Team on Television" considered refreshing his resume.  Not since Star Trek's debut in 1966 have we seen such impressive visual manipulation, complete with replica silver-fuzzy-static fade-in and complete dependency on the suspension of disbelief.

But even if Anderson is over the been-there-done-that-itude of the idea and the poverty of its execution, he's still waking up today shamed by the egregiousness of its lack of necessity.  CNN has cameras; lots of them; and mosaic mural walls of TVs; and fully interactive iPhone-like screens that with a touch and a squeeze can show you who my New Jersey county voted for in the 2000 presidential election and whether I poured my milk in before or after my cereal on the morning of that November 7.  Yet, on arguably the most significant day in American history, CNN hologrammed  Can a cable news network jump the shark?


Kiera said...

That "hologram" thing was so corny. Makes me wonder how much money they invested in setting that whole thing up. I mean, really? Not necessary.

f.B said...

I know. And what was up with the blue line around the person? If you're gonna go hologram, you have to at least go the Final Cut Pro route, not the Microsoft Word clip art route.