the Change I Wish to See

...and whatever else it takes to find my pants

i believe
in everything that's make-believe
even if my fantasy's Neverland on Earth
you say, "dream
but dream within the boundaries
when you add your color to the world"

and i don't know
what to make of it
'cause you're so perfect
the fault must be my own

but this ghost
would haunt me 'til eternity
if i backed down now

so much of this life
just ain't what i expected;
i don't need a miracle
i lost my faith some years ago
but i'll proudly wear my heart upon my sleeve
even if it breaks me

(and something i didn't write, obviously)


Matt said...

Its times like this I wish I could see vidoes at my work computer.

f.B said...

that would be huge. i think work should come with a break time other than lunch. we get nap time in kindergarten, study hall all the way through high school...

Sara said...

And college is really one long break interrupted by classes and partying. I agree, the 10 breaks I take a day to go to the bathroom are just not cutting it. I want recess.