the Change I Wish to See

...and whatever else it takes to find my pants

The heading says enough. A rant may follow later, but for now the heading's self-sufficient. Truth is, I shouldn't have to make the statement, which is why its simplicity is so compelling. All I'll say for now is that it seems fair to say that what I deny is much more like what I'm afraid I'm running from.

What Olbermann did last night should be history. I say that without exaggeration, but-for-qualifications, or hesitation (as I realize I sound like Jesse Jackson). Anyway... For all of those who insist the revolution won't be televised, this should be the point at which you begin to question where you went wrong in retrospect 10 years from now. It should be a moment that I can tell generations to come I witnessed live. Why live? Because the day after Cheney's first visit in office to the what was then Ronald Reagan Hospital, Bush held a conference in which he said the executive branch interpreted the law. Don't remember? Probably because it didn't make news and hasn't been covered since. But it is kind of odd that that "slip" is exactly what White House policy hinges on: signing statements.

we're stuck in a fate so deep we can hardly breathe
strangled by the schemes of the powers that be
and as the youth make strides to write the same scenes
with haste, we're enslaved by propaganda machines;
in a place where truth is only what you believe
nothing's as it is and everything's as it seems
we try to shut our eyes, blindly follow the lead
of men who rend us free on the end of a leash.

It was fulfilling to hear someone illustrate it as it should be. It's why aijuswanawrite. You need both links: the video, and the transcript. Share them both.