the Change I Wish to See

...and whatever else it takes to find my pants


Talk Down to Me:

Dedicated to Dick Cheney and that sales associate from Banana Republic.

Ooh I love it when you call me Big Sloppy. Forgive me for my
indiscretions like you actually know what they are. Tell me again how
stupid I look with this brain. You make me feel like a natural moron.

Dumb it down. Make it good sense to me. Better yet, don't waste your
time. Prey on me like I'm at the bottom of your food chain. I feel
unsafe when I'm important. I don't like to think. It makes my tummy
hurt. I'm short on food for thought.

You are so wise you see problems that don't exist. I am too slow to
invent such cause for alarm. And I could certainly never keep up if
reason is a moving target. But you... You have eyes in the back of
your head. You are like a surveillance camera.

Remind me to thank you for your service. For I may not appreciate the
true gift it has been to make your acquaintance without being coached.

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