the Change I Wish to See

...and whatever else it takes to find my pants

So I'm sitting here at the internationally renowned, star of
admittedly watched movies like "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets,"
collection giant Library of Congress. Trying to pass the time,
waiting on a request to rise from the annals of the law library...

One of the librarians breaks the silence when she picks up the phone.
She's giving someone intellectual property advice. This seems
completely non-groundbreaking, given the fact that I'm at the law
library. But I look up anyway, curious because it's a noise that isn't
the hum of the ventilation system and - yes - because I'm a nerd for
copyright questions.

The librarian is doing her best to make it digestible for whoever her
listener is. But something sounds weird. Something about the advice
she's giving sounds like it's advice given to her (kinda like when you
asked your math teacher for help with a formula and he went to the
teacher's manual and just read the formula out loud and really slowly,
like your problem was with functional literacy, not with decoding
imaginary entities).

Like all good bloggers realizing a story is developing, I turned on my
inner Great Mouse Detective. I could see her monitor's screen: she was
reading a Wikipedia entry on intellectual property, verbatim. When in
doubt, the law library rolled up its sleeves and Wikipedia'd it.

Now I could have been disappointed. I could have flashed back to that
moment in the Wizard of Oz when the curtain is pulled back. But
instead, I jumped back to my last visit to the Epcot Center. While
waiting in line to enter that Orlando palace, a bird crapped on my
bare arm. But the real point is that the Epcot Center is filled to the
brim with the memory that it is indeed a small world, kids. So dream
big. Because even the emperess is naked beneath all those flowing
robes. And from here, you look just as good naked as she does.

be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the little things.

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