the Change I Wish to See

...and whatever else it takes to find my pants

So I was gonna post this story today about a dream I had this weekend.*

It involved indoor tennis, socialites, Wayne Gretzky, someone's living room and personal failure.

And while I was a-looking for photos -- much in the same way Elmer Fudd hunts wabbits -- to capture my imagination and in so doing capture yours, I found this:

And I don't know what kind of tennis that is.  He probably doesn't either.  But his belly is righteous, his tan unsafe, and his package too exposed not to share it with you anyway.

*I still might if I remember enough of it tomorrow.


LiLu said...

My vagina just clenched.

lacochran said...


That is WAY too much information in that picture.

Sara said...

Who needs birth control when there are photo's like this all over the net?

brookem said...

he's mine.

Katie said...

Ummm, that tan doesn't seem to end. I'm thinking we're lucky he's wearing that much coverage.

f.B said...

lilu: if it didn't, well, we'll walk that bridge if we get there.

la: the way you said that makes me realize i probably wasted a golden TMI post with that pic going on a Monday

sara: no one. well, maybe brookem.

brookem: sold. to the one with no competitors.

katie: we're lucky we don't know him. i have a feeling he does worse things, frequently.