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Obama's Chili Bowl

It's 10:30 am.  Do you know where your Obama is?

I'm sure you've all heard by now that he stopped by Ben's on Saturday.

The most important details of that trip?

1. He had a half-smoke.
2. He knew to carry cash (Ben's doesn't take cards).
3. When he got back to the privacy of his temp-home bathroom, he used two-ply, ultra soft Charmin.

Why is this huge for me?

Because I've stood in that spot, held a bag of wonderfully greasy food, and paid in cash.

Now, I've never received an ovation.  But it's only because no one knows who the balls I am.  This is because despite what happened last Friday, in public I wear the mask of the greatest mouse detective who ever lived --

-- and so people tend to scream and shoo at me with brooms.

But what you may not have known is that in my very own sketchy, local Giant, Obama also endorses Jones Pure Cane Soda:

"Orange 'you glad for change?'"
Well fig yeah, I am.  This sh*t is bananas .


Rachel said...

Holy shiz. That's awesome.

Also awesome? "2. He knew to carry cash (Ben's doesn't take cards)." I always look like an idiot in those situations.

Deutlich said...

I saw those sodas at shopper's the other day and took a photo! The lady walking past me thought I was nuts...

Liebchen said...

Oh no. I was doing fine right up until the end of the I have "Hollaback Girl" stuck in my head.


Sara said...

Yes, you should have a warning label at the top of this post about the bad music references the same way people have to warn about nudity. I would rather have an image of ugly naked people in my head all day than any music by Gwen Stefani.


Lemmonex said...

no no no--Gwen will be in my head all day! Jerk.

f.B said...

rachel: there's an ATM right inside the door. but i def looked like an idiot the first time

deutlich: my local Giant is the kind of place where nothing shocks people

liebchen: i wanted the post to linger. so i am going to count that as a success

sara: no, it won't go away. it's like advertising.

you (hours from now): b-a-n-a-, damnit! why am i singing this dribble? f.B! i wonder if he's moved to wordpress yet?

lemmonex: yeah, she will. but i'm immune. come back tomorrow for the antidote

LiLu said...

That's MY sketchy Giant too! It's a block from our apartment. I saw that shiz there yesterday and almost died laughing!

Sara said...

When ARE you moving to wordpress already? Are you waiting for an invitation, because if so here it is:

To: F.B.

You are cordially invited to join Wordpress.

When: ASAP

RSVP regrets only

Arjewtino said...

No, the best part is that he insisted on paying and gave them $20 on a $12 charge.

f.B said...

lilu: we share a Giant?!

sara: no one reads comments this late right? so. tomorrow. i just need to say my goodbye

arjewtino: that is the best part. easily. seriously? this is why we vote.